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Completion of Al Futaisy Inter-Island Submarine Cable System Installation
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FOS completes cable installation of the Al Futaisy Inter-Island Cable System

31-05-2005 Siem Offshore Constructors GmbH has successfully completed the submarine cable installation of the Al Futaisy Inter-Island Submarine Cable System. The total of 37km medium voltage composite power cables with an outer diameter of 120mm and a weight in air of approx. 30kg/m were installed in surface lay mode followed by post-lay trenching.

The specialties of this installation involved:

  • Installation of a total of 34 cables in lengths between 0.4km and 3.3km
  • Post-lay trenching of all cables in soils varying from sand to bedrock
  • Installation and post-lay trenching in areas which fall largely dry during low water
  • High currents and marine traffic interference
  • The installation was undertaken as subcontractor to Al Nasr Irrigation & Contracting as main contractor of Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authorities (ADWEA)
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Lars Muck
Commercial Director