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Long-term Charter Agreement for MV Siem Carrier
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FOS signs long-term charter for MV Siem Carrier

30-05-2007 Siem Offshore Contractors has entered into a charter agreement with Siem Offshore for the CLV Siem Carrier for a 3-year firm plus two (2) 1-year optional extension periods.

As part of the charter agreement, the CLV Siem Carrier will undergo the following upgrade in October 2007 prior to delivery to Siem Offshore Contractors:

  • installation of stand-alone accommodation module for 26 persons incl. air-conditioning, sewage plant, day room, offices, gym, etc.
  • installation of a Kongsberg SDP-21 fully redundant DP-2 system incl. engine room upgrade and additional navigation equipment
  • installation of a Kongsberg HiPAP 500 underwater positioning system incl. full interface with the upgraded DP-2 system
  • installation of Goodcrane offshore rated knuckle-boom crane with 5t @ 20m / 10t @ 15m with 100m wire capacity
  • installation of additional dry-store, cool-store and freezer capacity to allow for 30-day endurance with 50 POB
  • upgrade of the existing mess room for 50 POB

The CLV Siem Carrier will be upgraded at a mutually agreed ship yard in the North Sea area, whereby Siem Offshore Contractors will install all cable handling and installation equipment during the same period as the MV Siem Carrier will undergo conversion. The conversion is planned to commence as of end of September / beginning of October 2007 and is scheduled to take four (4) weeks.

After conversion, the CLV Siem Carrier will be able to undertake the following tasks:

  • Submarine cable and umbilical installation works
  • ROV survey and intervention works
  • Offshore construction support works
  • Diving works
  • Delivery of the CLV Siem Carrier to Siem Offshore Contractors is scheduled for 29. October 2007.
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